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We are Automotive Warranty Brokers!

Once your vehicle’s factory warranty expires, that leaves YOU on the hook for expensive car repairs! Mechanical breakdowns happen when you least expect them and the rising cost of parts & labor means that jobs that used to cost a few hundred dollars to have done are now THOUSANDS of dollars for repair!

With a vehicle service contract from AWB, you can guarantee that you’ll be getting the best aftermarket warranty plan possible. Our vehicle service contracts are backed by AM Best A Rated companies and our warranty coverages are based on your vehicle and your coverage needs!

We do not dictate where you do your repairs. Coverage is nationwide and you can bring your vehicle to any licensed repair shop of your choice.


Always Protecting Your Car For The Future

Thanks to Automotive Warranty Brokers, you'll never have to second guess your car warranty plans and protection coverages. Our dedicated team with over 35 years experience will work with you and be by your side to ensure you have the best coverages along every mile of your journey! Our automotive warranty plans are also accepted nationwide by any repair shop, make same day claims payments, and include benefits like Roadside Assistance, Travel and Rental Reimbursement, and much more!

Unlike the big name brands, when you buy from AWB you're buying direct. We have no high priced celebrities, tv ads, or huge staffing expenses. This allows us to pass the savings directly on to you. We encourage you to look else where just to confirm how much money you will save with AWB!

Don't get a cut-rate warranty that will leave you with gaps in your coverage! Our plans and providers are considered to be premium products offering the best car warranty coverage with Nationwide Protection backed by top rated AM Best Insurance companies. Exclusionary plan coverages mirror the original manufacture's car warranty plans and ensure you are protected best from unexpected vehicle repairs.

At Automotive Warranty Brokers, we believe you shouldn't have to pay more money to repair your car elsewhere because the warranty company says so! We also don't believe in a repair shop telling you they, "don't accept the warranty." All of our plans offered give you the power to choose where to take your car for repairs. Whether at a dealership, your favorite mechanic, or a random roadside repair shop, AWB guarantees a plan that will pay all claims with corporate credit cards same day!

With rising labor and parts expenses AND inflation concerns, jobs that use to cost a few hundred dollars can be thousands in out of pocket expenses without the proper warranty coverage. Getting a plan through AWB means you will have the peace of mind knowing you can keep repairs within your budget! With customizable deductibles and ACV policy limits, we can help you control the out-of-pocket expenses along every mile of your journey!

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